Previously answered on Quarks & Coffee:

  1. If we were far enough from earth, could we see the dinosaurs alive?
  2. Why don’t we shoot our nuclear waste into the sun?
  3. How much urine, not limited to human’s, is placed in toilets versus in the wild?
  4. What would happen if a black hole, the size of a coin, suddenly appeared in my pocket?
  5. Is it possible to 3D print a joint or blunt?
  6. Can we make an artificial Earth-like atmosphere on Mars?
  7. How much would the oceans drop if all the fish, etc. vanished?
  8. Is it possible for a large planet to orbit a star smaller than that planet?
  9. What if New Horizons flew by Earth instead of Pluto? Could it see my house?
  10. Is there Mercury, the element, on Mercury, the planet? Uranium on Uranus? Plutonium on Pluto?
  11. How much ice would I have to eat to lose 10 lbs?
  12. Have any stars died during my lifetime that I could see ‘burn out’ in the sky?
  13. Why can’t anything go faster than light? What if I was going 99.9999% the speed of light and I accelerated?
  14. How strong was the shockwave from the Tianjin explosion?
  15. Over one third of Americans are obese. Just how overweight are we, collectively?
  16. Over a lifetime, how long does a person spend brushing their teeth?
  17. What would happen if earth’s mass was gradually cut in half over a period of 75 years? The cause is irrelevant.